At Socks Out Racing (SOR) our mission is to produce driver-centric, championship virtual motorsport series which embody the challenge and excitement which was previously found only in traditional vintage motorsport racing series. 

    Many racing series have become sterilized through the heavy adoption of driver aids and aggressive aerodynamic packages which minimize the most important aspect of the sport, the Human Element. These changes have put greater focus on the technology and come to bore audiences.

   We realized that to save motorsport, the solution isn't more technology, but less. For over a decade, our series continue to place a greater focus on the the driver skill than differences of equipment. This comes from the belief that motor racing should showcase the driver's ability, without the assistance of Traction Control, and ABS, while limiting downforce packages so the focus will remain on maximizing mechanical grip.

    Ensuring the authenticity and a true to life racing experience of our premier virtual motorsport series, we utilize the most accurate esport racing platform available: iRacing.com.

     Together with our partners, we provide an ever-growing racing experience and opportunity. Come join us and see how you can be involved today.


Steven Burbage

Managing Director

   Steven has lead SOR since it's inception in 2008. He continues to serve as the face and driving force behind Socks Out Racing.

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Nash Hendry

Systems Administrator

  Second in command, Nash has been an active member since 2010, originally serving as a BoP tester, he has moved to an administrative role in 2016.

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Christian Challiner

Community Liaison

Christian joined the team in 2017 and competes in the NASCAR Peak Antifreeze Series. He assists in creating organizational policies, and answers member inquires.

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