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Socks Out Racing is a virtual motorsport esports organization. We have been sanctioning virtual racing series for over a decade starting with the Forza Motorsport franchise in 2008 and moved to iRacing in 2015. Our main focus is keeping motorsport driver-centric, meaning our series prohibit the use of computer assisted inputs like abs, traction control, and stability management, in addition to using vehicles with limited downforce. The pursuit of technology in the form of driver aids and aggressive aerodynamic packages has become a detriment in traditional motorsport, by minimizing the most important part: The human element. This has sent many fans such as yourself turning to vintage race footage and/or events by SVRA and Goodwood. We service fans like yourself by sanctioning modern series using current racing chassis giving you modern content that produces the level of excitement you could previously only find current experiences through historic motorsport racing series.

Thanks to the current era of simulations, the skills used in the virtual environment are the same ones used by drivers competing in traditional motorsports. Unlike all other esports, the skills in virtual motorsport truly translate to the physical activity and vice versa. Drivers like Ty Majeski, William Bryon, Glenn McGee, and John D. Allen have shown this in their own motorsport journeys. We are one of with a focus on servicing you the motorsport fan.

Unlike every other esports organization which largely mimics existing traditional motorsport series, we took a different route creating the first racing series entirely unique to the virtual space: V8 SuperTrucks.

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   The V8 SuperTrucks series is a truly international series which visits digital reproductions of circuits from Brazil, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, and the United States. In addition, registration is open to drivers from around the globe. In 2018 the driver roster featured from North America and Europe representing a total of 10 countries. Below are some of our top drivers and the countries they represent:

Sweden: Erik Blixt      United States: Bobby Zalenski

Belgium: Sven Cammaerts     United Kingdom: James King

     Our series uses a bell-curve point scale which puts an emphasis on consistency, while preventing the championship title being locked-up going into the final. This is all done without the crutch of a "chase" or "playoff" format. For example, last year, the championship changed hands at the finale when the reigning champion Bobby Zalenski made a critical mistake finishing 12th giving the 2018 championship to the V8ST Rookie Marco Mogren. This happened despite Zalenski having 8 wins to his name in 2018. Because for someone to be victorious in our series, they must finish strong to come out on top.

     Drivers pilot digital reproductions of the NASCAR Truck series Toyota Tundra and Chevy Silverado. These beasts produce 625 horsepower featuring a 4 speed H-pattern gearbox. Drivers are entirely under control of their truck as they are not providing only a meager amount of downforce without luxuries such as ABS, Traction Control or Stability Management. This allows stock car chassis to provide some of the best road course racing due to the level of respect drivers must give their vehicle, something not found in many series today whether traditional or virtual.

     The 12 round season calendar runs from February to October and each race has weather conditions sourced from accuweather.com to ensure the most accurate racing experience available. This in addition to the brand new dynamic skies on iRacing, the racing conditions will evolve over a race just as it would in traditional motorsport.

     Each race is professionally broadcast by RaceSpot and is broadcast on our twitch channel and via the Socks Out Racing Facebook page.  Want to learn more? Visit our website.

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