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To participate in V8 SuperTrucks you must hold
an active subscription.

iRacing is the world’s premier motorsports racing simulation. iRacing allows its members to experience today’s newest form of competitive motorsport: virtual racing. iRacing is a fun, inexpensive and highly-competitive way to break a sweat by braking hard at the apex, while overcoming head-to-head racing challenges usually reserved for professional drivers in traditional motorsport

As an iRacing Member, you will need to earn the minimum FIRST (iRacing's regulatory body) issued competition license prior to registration to compete in V8 SuperTrucks.

  • The minimum license requirement for applicants is Class C FIRST License. 

  • Licenses may be obtained through the Road, Oval, Dirt Road or Dirt Oval career tracks.

Become a Competitor

  • Join the Socks Out Racing (SOR) Community Forum.

    • When creating your account, you must include your name as it appears on to verify eligibility.

      • Incomplete information may result in a rejected application.

  • Upon completion of your application, we will verify you meet the Eligibility Requirements.

  • Upon Acceptance of your application, you will need to chose your driver number for the calendar year.

  • After selecting your driver number, you will be assigned an SOR Competition License for the year and may register to compete in an active series.

For more information, reference the SOR Rulebook. Click the "Apply Here" button below to create your SOR Community Forum account and start your SOR Membership today.

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