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Cammaerts' Radicals Online Livery

Since the start of the 2018 V8ST Season, Kinetic Racing and Radicals Online partnered up sharing driver knowledge and setup information between members of both teams. This partnership was exemplified with the Kinetic Radicals Collab team, comprised of Sven Cammaerts of Kinetic Racing and Marco Mogren of Radicals Online. The duo has done extremely well holding the top spot in the Teams Championship and maintaining the 2nd and 3rd of the driver standings for the majority of the 2018 season so far. Cammaerts spent a long time with Black Adder Motorsports (BAM) before the organization split into two smaller groups (Kinetic Racing and Atlas SimSport) at the end of 2017. After being a part of the initial launch of Kinetic Racing, Cammaerts accepted recent the invite to join Radicals Online just before Round 5. I had the opportunity to talk to Sven about his recent team change, He started off saying it was “not an easy decision to make” given his years with his previous team, first as part of Black Adder Motorsport then later as the newly formed Kinetic Racing, that would be understandable.

S. Cammaerts 2018 Kinetic Racing Livery)

Over the years Cammaerts has earned the respect of many of his teammates. It was 2 years ago that we first saw the Belgian in a V8 SuperTruck trying it out for the first time at Watkins Glen. The words of praise and respect that we heard from his teammates over the years speak to his character. With Socks Out Racing, Sven has continued to be an active community member, offering valuable suggestions and providing feedback. We’re confident that Radicals Online will have a similar experience. Sven would go on to say how excited he was about the opportunity stating: “Receiving an opportunity like this was something I could not pass on for the road side. With radicals having won the 24h of Daytona, 12h of Sebring & the AU split of Bathurst and then inviting me was something I had to do to see if I could be faster still.” We look forward to see how Sven will continue to grow with Radicals Online.

So what does that mean for the Kinetic Racing / Radicals Online collaboration? A few things are changing but others will remain. First, the team name for Cammaerts and Mogren has changed from “Kinetic Radicals Collab” to simply “Radicals Online” to correlate with Cammaerts’ new spot on the team along with Sven’s new paint scheme which debuted last weekend. Finally, the partnership between the two organizations will continue for the remainder of the season, with Sven remaining as an associate member with Kinetic Racing.

Cammaerts and Mogren at Nurburgring GP

source: Sven Cammaerts

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