Zalenski holds on to another victory despite trouble in Pit Lane.

Leaders diving into Turn 1 at CTMP

August marks the late-summer / early fall part of the season where we return to North America. Round 8 was held at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, this beautiful circuit is no stranger to truck racing as the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series visits the venue annually, but it’s also a regular circuit in the iRacing official series.

The start of the race would be clean, yet exciting as several drivers would get sideways entering Turn 2 for the first time. By the time the first lap was complete, the field had quickly slotted into single-file formation, but battles were far from over.

With the return of Torque Freak Racing Corkscrew, their old rivalry with Team Buschfink Racing ignited early on with the trucks continuing to do battle for much of the first half of the race. Their two-way battle eventually became a 4 team battle as they drew into the Team MAD / Off Camber Motorsports battle ahead. Unfortunately, despite the strong start to Round 8, exhaustion seeped in from running the 6-hour VLN earlier that day and would result in an early retirement.

The battles would remain tight with impressive battling between Off Camber Motorsport’s Justin Kruithof and Race Clutch’s Eneric Andre. This volley for position would go for 3 laps with the two going side-by-side through the esses on lap 8 Andre would hold him off. However, on lap 10, Kruithof would complete the pass on the outside taking 6th place as they dive into White’s Corner.

Pit Lane Troubles became the theme mid-race, nearly everyone struggled to find their pit stall due to its odd placement (offset forward and away from the interior pit wall). Even Bobby Zalenski stopped short (pictured above) costing him time on his Mandatory pit stop for 4 Goodyear tires, however he built enough of a margin to hold the lead over Sven Cammaerts.

Pit troubles spread out the field quite a bit, but the final battle on track was between James King and Justin Kruithof over the final spot in the Top 5! Starting on lap 12, Kruithof would exit pit lane ahead of King but King would have the momentum off turn 1 giving him the position into Clayton corner. The two trucks would play cat & mouse for the remainder of the race. Since Kruthof had fresher tires, King faced an immense amount of pressure. King started to crack on lap 20 through Quebec corner, as King runs wide, allowing Kruithof to close in. with 2 laps to go, Kruithof attempts a crossover through the esses, as the move worked for him earlier in the race against Race Clutch’s Eneric Andre. However 3rd time was not the charm, and King would hold onto the top 5 when the checkered flew. With 8 rounds completed, we’ve entered the final third of the season. Both drop rounds have been factored into championship points, and a few drivers made jumps in the standings. King moved from 9th to 7th, and Daniel Thompson broke into the Top 10, ahead of Martin Kapal. Wade Hays took the biggest loss in the Top 10, falling from 5th to 8th heading into Round 9.

Once again we’ll be visiting another circuit no stranger to stock car racing, but with a twist as drivers will be tackling the Road Course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This is the final drop round of the season before we reach the final stretch of the championship. Be sure to join us on September 8th for the RaceSpot Broadcast of Round 9 on the iRacing eSports Network.

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