Mogren and Zalenski battle for Victory at Mid-Ohio

Tucked in the shirt pocket of the United States is Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. Mid-Ohio is an impressively fast and technical circuit with rapid elevation changes that can quickly catch a driver off guard. This circuit has been part of nearly every major traditional road racing series that the United States has to offer, featuring everything from sports cars to open-wheelers, to stock cars. However, in the current area of Motorsports, it’s the stock cars that truly are the most fun to watch. The same held true earlier this month for Round 11 of the V8 SuperTrucks.

Radicals Online had been putting in the practice to continue their podium lockout from September in both Rounds 9 and 10. However, Bobby Zalenski was back on the familiar tarmac for Round 11, which left questions to if he’d run away from the pack in qualifying as he did earlier this season. However as qualifying came to a close, Marco Mogren would once again capture the pole with a 1:20.242, twenty-five hundredths ahead of Zalenski.

Once again side-by-side as the green flag flies, flashbacks returned from VIR, as Mogren and Zalenski approached China Beach. This time Zalenski has the inside approaching the corner, and Mogren would be challenging from the outside. Mogren carries an impressive amount of speed into turn 4, giving him a clear advantage over Zalenski. Zalenski quickly dives behind Mogren to close the door on Tom O’Leary as they head through Madness.

The race comes to an abrupt halt, several corners later as Erik Blixt tags Sven Cammaerts turning the #66 Sick Sideways Tundra and causing damage both front fender and rear quarter panel on the passenger side. The contact would leave Blixt picking up another championship points penalty. On lap 7 the drama would continue as James King, Erik Blixt, and Sven Cammaerts would go into madness. Cammaerts would follow King on the inside line, while Blixt would come down but ultimately get pushed to the outside after making contact with the #66 losing the position to Sven.

Coming to Lap 8, Zalenski starts to challenge morgen for the lead diving to the inside in the Keyhole. Zalenski would drift by Morgen, but Mogren would have the better drive down toward China Beach. Mogren would challenge on the inside as they go through China Beach, but Zalenski would hold the line, capturing the inside through madness. Zalenski would go on to complete the pass as the two entered the esses.

The battle between Mogren and Zalenski would heat back up on lap 14 as Mogren gets side-by-side with Zalenski as they head toward the Keyhole. This time Mogren is on the inside and takes the lead back from Zalenski! The lead was short lived as Zalenski would again challenge Mogren on the outside line through the Keyhole on Lap 15. Zalenski would gain the lead once again, but Mogren wasn’t done, he would dive into China Beach, but would be unable to hold enough momentum through Madness to stay ahead of Zalenski, who would lead the remainder of the race.

We are rapidly approaching the final at Mount Panorama. The season has had its fair share of ups and downs for the reigning champion, Bobby Zalenski. With Marco Mogren champing at the bit, anything could happen on the mountain. Be sure to join us on November 3rd for the RaceSpot Broadcast of the exciting conclusion to the 2018 V8 SuperTrucks season on the iRacing eSports Network.

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