V8 SuperTrucks Finale moves to VIR

With 2019 many changes are being implemented to improve competition moving forward. Today we are talking about one change that will change the landscape of the final round of the season for 2019, quite literally.

Mount Panorama

For the past 3 years, the finale has been held at Mount Panorama, this has been a popular venue for iRacing members over the years. Much of its popularity is derived from the Bathurst 1000 and the Bathurst 12hour. The circuit has provided many great moments in the years past, but overall we’ve found it’s largely a circuit best suited for endurance racing. With the 100km race, Mount Panorama delivered the lowest lap count of the season, a modest 17 laps. Cautions have historically plagued this event, limiting the number of green flag laps to challenge for position. Discussion has been ongoing about where the finale would be moved to.

Start of Round 10 at VIR

When discussing the options for the new venue for the finale, VIR came quickly to the head of the discussion. This year competition on track easily bested the races at Mount Panorama by providing more passing over the course of the race. In addition, at VIR barriers are further away from the racing surface, providing drivers more room to recover from a mistake providing a lower probability of full course yellows which makes both drivers and fans happy.

Side-By-Side battle beween Allen, Kapal and Kruithof

In addition to the move, the 2019 finale will be extended to a 150km race. This is just one of 3 longer races that will be on the calendar next year. This means drivers will need to pit for fuel and tires to complete the race. Teams have already begun discussing one-stop vs two-stop strategies for these longer races. This should add to the strategy of the finale increasing the excitement of the event.

Racing around the oak tree

We anticipate this change will increase the circuit’s awareness on the iRacing service and provide a yearly premier event for VIR fans wanting more stock-car racing to enjoy. We have greatly appreciated their support on social media. As the series grows we hope to work with VIR to provide new opportunities in the future. Be sure to follow VIR on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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