Championship Changes for 2019

The 2019 season is just 45 days away and for the new season the championship has gone through quite a rework to create an even tighter championship. Today we'll break down all the changes and how it will impact things in the upcoming season.

Grid size for 2019 has been reduced from 30 to 20 trucks. The change has been to increase the quality of competitors, by putting a greater emphasis on practice and prequalifying for each round of the season. With the reduction in grid size is a reduction in the maximum earnable points from race position to 97 points. up to 97 points come from finishing position in the race. Bonus points have been reworked for 2019 as well. For the upcoming season bonus points have been to focus towards awarding points to one driver per achievement. So one bonus point will be awarded to the drivers with the fastest lap of the race, who start on pole position, and who leads the most laps. This translates to a new maximum of 100 points up for grabs each. This makes a perfect championship score an even 1000 points.

Drop Rounds have also been adjusted. Both fans and drivers commentated on their confusion of the final drop round last season, so for 2019 the final drop round will be Round 8 when the last drop is factored into the points standings. This also means the finals are 4 rounds instead of the previous 3 round finals in 2018.

Penalty Points were also a topic of discussion as the structure for 2018 was difficult to track for fans having some points apply only to race totals, and others apply to standings totals. So for 2019 penalty points have been simplified with all penalty points being applied to standing totals.

Drivers Cup - Formerly known as the Drivers Championship will see quite a bit of changes. First off the maximum points earned for each round due to the grid size of 20 drivers mentioned prior.

Teams Cup - Formerly known as as the Teams Championship will be scored the same as 2019, however will be open to one and two driver teams. This is because the teams cup is to reflect the organizations represented in the series, and help grow awareness of their brands.

Manufactures Cup - Scoring has been revised to mirror that of the Teams Cup for 2019, meaning the top two drivers from each manufacturer will have their points averaged.

Regions Cup - Scored in the same manner as the Teams and Manufacturers cups. The series features drivers from all over the globe, and we decided to highlight where the drivers are from so fans have greater awareness of their hometown drivers.

But what about the iconic Road vs Oval Championship? Well after much discussion, this championship has been discontinued for 2019. Although it highlighted the background of the drivers competing it was largely an inward marketed championship, and our goal is to appeal to motorsport fans instead of purely to those already involved in sim-racing. We are anticipating the changes to provide even greater emphasis on finishing consistently from race to race, as the championship battles even tighter in the 2019 season.

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