$1000 USD up for grabs in 2019

With the 2019 season of V8 SuperTrucks just 2 weeks away, and with the changes to the Championship structure in 2019, there have been revisions to the prizes. We would also like to thank NghtFox Designs for once again providing the monetary prizes for the 2019 V8 SuperTrucks Season.

Drivers Cup For 2019, the Drivers Cup will only feature payouts for the Top 5. These drivers will take home cash prizes with the overall champion taking $300 USD, 2nd place: $200 USD, 3rd place: $100 USD, 4th place: $50 USD, and 5th place: 20 USD. The payouts for each position in the final Drivers Cup standings is largely unchanged from 2018 except for 5th place which has received a slight reduction due to the smaller grid size in 2019. In addition to awards for the overall points championship, There are additional cash prizes non-championship license holders. The highest points earner in the Drivers Cup at the end of the season of each license tier earns $10 USD in iRacing Credits. We are also excited to announce that NASCAR Fans News will be presenting the first ever V8 SuperTrucks World Championship Trophy to the 2019 Season Champion.

Teams Cup Teams Cup payouts have also been revised for 2019. Each team will split the winnings evenly providing each driver on the team competes in 10 of 12 rounds. In the event only one driver on the team meets participation requirements, that team-member will be awarded the full amount. The top team will split $80 USD, 2nd in Teams will take $40 USD and the 3rd in Teams will take $20 USD.

Hard Charger Award The Hard Charger Award has been revised for 2019. The Fan Vote has been discontinued due to feedback from Fans and Drivers alike. For 2019 the Driver in each round who has the greatest positive change in position over the course of the race and finishes in the top 10 will be awarded $5 USD in iRacing Credits. To understand how this works in practice we've included an example below: Driver A starts 12th and finishes 6th (gaining 6 places) but in the same race Driver B starts 3rd, but makes an error falls to 15th then climbs to 8th by the race end, Driver B would win the award by gaining 7 places over the course of the race. This policy blends the spirit of the previous Hard Charger Award format moving forward. The Hard Charger Award Winner will earn $5 USD in iRacing Credits. In the event two drivers tie then both will be awarded.

Post-Season Awards

The post-season driver awards return for 2019 with $20 USD for each recipient. Drivers must participate in a minimum of 10 rounds of competition to be eligible. Awards returning for 2019 are as follows: Flying Tire - Most starts on Pole Position Sticky Tire - Most consistent finishes over the season. (10 most consistent finishes counted)

Shiny Tire - Remained penalty free & holds the lowest incident count for the season (10 rounds with the highest number of incidents counted)

Most Improved - Greatest improvement over the course of the season. In addition to the returning awards, for 2019 there will also be the 'Rookie of the Year' Award. This will be awarded to the the 2019 V8ST Rookie with the greatest point total in the Drivers Cup at the end of the 2019 season. So for 2019, there are more opportunities for competitors to earn prizes which should result in more exciting racing as the series kicks off with Round 1 at Autodromo de Interlagos on February 23rd at 2000 UTC.

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